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Fun with Planters
Some nifty ideas for your next party, ideas for using terra cotta pots

Many of us have some terra cotta clay pots lying around and whether you use a decorated planter or not, there are many other uses for these diamonds in the rough!  Of course, my planters are completely sealed inside and out so any of these ideas for use will work perfectly for you!

*Use a large pot for entertaining by filling with ice to chill beverages and glasses.  Ice should be used for chilling only if placed directly into unfinished container.

* An 8" pot is a perfect size for keeping your frequently used kitchen utensils handy.  My kitchen theme is grapes and vineyard items...

* Great candle holder idea: Use a piece of masking tape (inside) to cover the hole in the bottom. Fill pots with play sand and set tealights or votive candles in the sand.    Mix different sizes on a table for a great summer night centerpiece.

*My upcoming Gardening gift crocks hold everything a gardener needs...gloves, trowel, etc. Easy to transport and fun to use!  Until they are available, you can use any 8" or 10" clay pot to get you through!

* For your next picnic, place the plasticware (or silverware) in a pot for a genuine country picnic atmosphere!  Line pot with a pretty napkin draping inside out of the pot.

*If you're feeling especially creative for your next party, wrap sets of eating utensils together in a festive paper napkin, tie with ribbon, place them in the pot.  If you have kids who love to help--this is an easy and fun project for them while you're busy with other details! 

*Large pots are great magazine holders.  Smaller ones can be used for mail.

*Know a knitter or someone who loves to crochet?  Give them a decorative planter filled with knitting needles, crochet hook set, a pattern and required yarn.  This can be set near their favorite chair and always be handy.

*For a fun serving dish idea, turn a pot upside down and place the saucer on top.  A few pieces of rolled duck tape in between pot and saucer will help keep the saucer positioned on the pot.  I recommend using a liner of some sort (napkins, wax paper, aluminum foil) between the saucer and food.

           I wish you a blessed and magical day! 

"The purpose of life, is to have a life of purpose" -- Robert Byrne

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