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My personal "Hot Links" are links to other businesses that I value and support, which I think my "like-minded" customers would find useful and helpful. 

Insightful Publications Insightful Publications

Creating state resource handbooks specifically designed for use by the blind and visually impaired. The state resource handbooks are available for purchase.  

I Love Wine!- For the Lovers of Wine Everywhere! I Love Wine!- For the Lovers of Wine Everywhere!

This is a great resource for learning the in's and out's of wine- for beginners and experts! Great info!

Amazing wine articles, infographics, tips and videos. Every weekStart your wine enlightenment. Get the I Love Wine newsletter and special offers today. Always amazing. Always free.  

Review of WINC Wine Club:


Emmaus Jewel Shop Emmaus Jewel Shop

Beautiful jewelry, unusual home and garden accents! Owner, Donna, is the most precious "jewel" in this shop!  She has a great eye for distinctive gifts and you can tell she loves her customers! You will get special treatment when you walk through the door!

Pajamas in the Daytime Pajamas in the Daytime

"Creative designs with a twist. Each piece is one of a kind and custom orders are welcomed!"

My friend, Laura, creates magic with wire and beads!

Council of Citizens with Low Vision International Council of Citizens with Low Vision International

CCLVI is non-profit advocacy membership organization which establishes outreach programs to insure that all individuals with low vision have access to necessary services. 

AIRSLA- Audio Internet Reading Service Los Angeles AIRSLA- Audio Internet Reading Service Los Angeles

Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles

Our Audience

Our audience can get the news from several broadcast media, but not directly from newspapers, magazines, and other primary sources. Through the magic of streaming audio and podcasting, we provide word-for-word readings of print material and other news and entertainment, focused on and designed for our visually-impaired listeners.

AIRS is incorporated in the state of California and has received a 501(c)(3) tax free non-profit status designation from the Internal Revenue Service. This means your donations are tax-deductible!

           I wish you a blessed and magical day! 

"The purpose of life, is to have a life of purpose" -- Robert Byrne

**Customers within 20 mile radius of Allentown, PA, please e-mail me (Kathy@TouchedbyFantasy.com) for direct shipping/handling alternatives**




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