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Happy New Year 2017!

Jan 2, 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had a delightful holiday!
My year was BUSY! Did you notice that's "busy" with all caps!? I just did a quick count-- 165 pieces sold this year! and 54 of them were special orders...That's not including pieces that I painted that are in inventory waiting for that special recipient. I just love my customers' imaginations! So many creative ideas and challenges. Word of mouth is my best advertising, and this year I reached my 4th "generation" customer.
This year I participated in six events-
> SnowBlast- demonstrating painting on glassware- Emmaus, PA
> The PA Council for the Blind, Harrisburg, PA (my favorite)
> Pennridge Gallery of the Arts, Sellersville, PA
> Bastille Day Celebration, demonstrating painting on glassware- Emmaus, PA
> South Mall Holiday event, Allentown, PA
> Phoebe Ministries Holiday Bazaar in Allentown, PA

I also started teaching painting classes for our local elderly home (Phoebe Ministries in Allentown, PA). The sessions are called "Painting for Goodness Sake" - The residents may either keep what they've painted or donate to the gift shop for sale, the proceeds are donated to charities the resident designated. All pieces are tagged with a cute tag, with a mention of PFGSake, and hand painted by: (name). All pieces they contributed have sold. Everybody wins! I just love doing this, and so happy to see their smiles at what they had created!-- 1st class had four residents, last class had seven-- two of them were men! So it's a growing project!

This year, I also finalized getting Loving Touch Connection trademarked! Big whoo-hoo!! Trademarking offers a buffer of protection should anyone be interested in copying my braille technique/pieces. I have already started reaching out to the chain restaurants (which already offer braille menus to their guests), with samples of their logo and braille S&P - to promote providing braille salt and pepper shakers to their visually impaired customers.

I'm not one for New Years "resolutions", but I do plan goals and aspire to learn something of great value each year. This year, I plan to take a course in Business Administration. I'm not wired to think "money", but the truth of the matter is, I need to get that knowledge to be an effective manager of my time and business, if I'm going to continue to succeed. Wish me luck!

Best wishes, and may you have lots of magical moments and joy in 2017! I'm offering 20% off all in-stock items to my newsletter family for the month of January! Please e-mail me if there's something in stock that will make your day!
Kathy (and Miss Lacey >O< )
p.s. New item this year-- Wine Bottle Lights- I am going to learn how to drill holes in wine bottles to create hand painted wine bottle lights :)

           I wish you a blessed and magical day! 

"The purpose of life, is to have a life of purpose" -- Robert Byrne

**Customers within 20 mile radius of Allentown, PA, please e-mail me (Kathy@TouchedbyFantasy.com) for direct shipping/handling alternatives**




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