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Wedding Gifts/Accessories > Bride and Groom with or without raised-dot Braille- SET
Bride and Groom with or without raised-dot Braille- SET
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Price: $45.00
Prod. Code: W-04

Bride and Groom Design. Can be in script and raised-dot braille with lacy design around "Bride" and a tuxedo design under "Groom". Choose from coffee mugs or wine glasses. The wedding date can be added on the reverse side of the glass- in script and in Braille.  

           I wish you a blessed and magical day! 

"The purpose of life, is to have a life of purpose" -- Robert Byrne

**Customers within 20 mile radius of Allentown, PA, please e-mail me (Kathy@TouchedbyFantasy.com) for direct shipping/handling alternatives**




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